Bridge of Power equips single-parent moms with the tools and techniques to become faithful believers and foster productive families. All single-parent homes are a result of different situations. To help moms continue to move forward in faith and become financially sound, it provides the following customizable services:

One-on-One Coaching

For single-parent moms experiencing difficult situations like divorce or loss, this coaching experience helps with acknowledging the situation and developing achievable “next steps” to pull through for yourself and your children.

Job Readiness Workshops

Learn about overarching skills that are required to become ready for today’s job market. This series of workshops prepares you for cutting-edge careers that connect to your professional goals and support your family.

Interview Training

Anticipate specific interview questions, and know how to answer them honestly and effectively through this rigorous session. The interviewing training acquired from this experience will build confidence and sharpen communication skills to help you better engage employers and ultimately give you a competitive edge as the right candidate for the job.

Startup Business Workshops

Ready to start your own business? Then participate in these workshops to develop a realistic game plan. From budgeting and planning to branding, this course will teach you exactly what it takes to get your idea, product or service off the ground.

More Services

  • Parenting Workshops: Raising children does not come with a guidebook after leaving the hospital, but through trial and error, you’ve coped. This series helps you navigate ­­parenting with a clearer sense of self and making smarter personal to professional decisions that benefit the family with God at the helm.


  • First-Aid/Emergency Preparation Workshops: To ensure your family is equipped for medical emergencies, Bridge of Power provides First-Aid and emergency preparation sessions to handle such situations properly. Know what basic supplies you should have in your home for you and your kids if someone is injured to devising the best exit strategy in case of a fire.


  • Health & Wellness Workshops: Kids have a lot of energy, and in order for you to keep up with their various growth stages, you need to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. These workshops discuss easy tactics to incorporate exercise into your schedule and with your kids. It also gives tips and tricks to serving your family healthier meals throughout the day.


No matter if you’re giving $1 to $100,000 or volunteering, every little bit counts. All proceeds we receive go toward supporting Bridge of Power’s professional development programming.