Bridgett Bennett, Founder

Bridgett Bennett is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a life coach and a dedicated single mom. Because of her personal challenges and breakthroughs with single parenting, she decided to establish faith-based, nonprofit organization Bridge of Power Outreach Ministries. Bridge of Power provides single-parent homes with adequate resources to cultivate loving households and secure solid financial futures.

Bennett is also a devout Christian. She attributes all her family and financial advancements to her relentless belief in Christ no matter the situation. Since founding Bridge of Power during 2003, Bennett has built a network of talented professionals and believers who want single-parent homes to succeed despite stereotypes and statistics. As president and executive director of Bridge of Power, Bennett uses the organization as a platform to share her love for God and experiences as a certificated procurement professional and business owner.

Bridgett Bennett Founder | Bridge of Power Outreach Ministries


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